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Digital Deepak Internship Program: Preview Through My Review| 2020


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        Digital marketing internship by digital Deepak is an ongoing one-of-a-kind program that allows you to learn a variety of digital marketing essential skills. It is a premium business opportunity for entrepreneurs and an excellent learning platform for job seekers.

Digital Deepak internship program technically a free program as all the money is reimbursed for what you invest at the time of joining.

Why did I join Digital Deepak Internship Program?

I am a teacher and why a teacher joined digital marketing as an intern? Pick my brain what is going on in my mind with the help of the following facts and figures.

Recently, we all have suffered from Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic and less or more still struggling from that. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, forever. Since March 2020, old-fashioned traditional businesses are struggling for their existence and newly passed out youth are suffocating for their career.

 Governments and businesses have stopped dearness allowance and other perks. Businesses are going digital which means these businesses need help with their online presence. Millions of people have turned to the Internet to work from home or freelance since the pandemic started. Online jobs and remote working has scaled enough which means this is a golden opportunity for you.

 After learning numerous lessons from Covid-19, the number one lesson I learned is the utility of online working and learning along with teaching.

Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the following lessons-

Digital literacy is the need for the time

Warlike preparation required on the education front

Smart classes should become the norm

Social media channel's roles are vital in education

Digital education can save you from starvation

Do, what increases your employability

Digital mastery can save you from lay off

One must have the ability to work at home

Don't rely upon one job or business

Entrepreneurship is the insurance of future

Digital skills have now become the ultimate digital currency

Digitally illiterate will be considered as educational handicapped

The above facts are the reasons why I joined the digital marketing internship program. Every youth of India must consider the above facts and should act accordingly.

What is an Internship?

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) defines an internship as, "An internship is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student’s field of study or career interest. An internship gives a student the opportunity for career exploration and development, and to learn new skills".

In fact, an internship gives you an opportunity to leverage your learning and enhances your professional status. It also makes room for you to start your entrepreneur journey.

Why Did I Choose Digital Deepak Internship Program?

Deepak Kanakaraju, usually known as Digital Deepak is a renowned digital marketing expert, blogger, trainer, and consultant for the last 10 years. He is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of 'PixelTrack', a company that works in the field of digital marketing training and courses.

I have been a digital Deepak blog subscriber and customer of so many digital courses for the last 3 years and thus I have tracked Deepak's experience & expertise in the digital sphere. Deepak is a reliable coach & mentor and my rating goes to 8 on the 1-10 scale.

Key Features of the Program

Digital Deepak internship program has many unavoidable key features.

Completely online program

Technically a free program

Money refunded on assignment completion basis

16 weeks long program

Learning through webinars

Learning through a 'mind map'

Live Q&A session for queries & doubts

Content writing assignment to improve skills

Lifetime course accessibility

Certificate after course completion

Opportunities after the program (Jobs & Freelancing)

Agency start-up opportunity after the program

Chances to earn extra money

Contents of the Internship Program

Week 1- Success Mindset

Week 2- The Law of Marketing

Week 3- Discovering Your Profitable Niche

Week 4- Creating Your Wordpress Blog

Week 5- Becoming the King of Content

Week 6- Building Your Tribe and Social Media

Week 7- Lead Magnet and Lead Generation

Week 8- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Week 9- Facebook Ads

Week 10- Google Ads

Week 11- Email Marketing Automation

Week 12- Sales and Conversion

Bonus Week 1- Personal Branding and Dream Job

 Bonus Week 2- Affiliate Marketing

 Bonus Week 3- Digital Freelancing

Bonus Week 4- Digital Mentoring

What People Like

This internship program has potential benefits. That is as follows-

   1. This is technically a free program as all your money can be refunded on an assignment completion basis.

  2.  Anyone can enhance their hybrid digital skills through this program.

  3. This program helps you to earn extra money in many other ways like blogging, freelancing, online money making, and so on.

  4. Everyone earns a certificate after the successful completion of the program that proves as a gateway to the first job for newcomers.

  5. Program organizers way of working is democratic as they run survey & polls to receive the opinion of interns and follow the rule of the majority.

  6. Topics are explained through webinars and all the contents are illustrated well by using 'Mind Node' mind map.

  7. Q & A session is also an essential part of this program that helps interns to gain quick solutions to their doubts and queries.

  8. Interns are taught really in an ultra-practical & professional way as all interns have to complete an assignment on weekly basis.

  9. Every lesson video recordings and 'how to complete assignment task' video recordings are also provided to interns that make this program rather easier & joyful.

  10. This program brings the interns into a community of learners where interns can share ideas, explore knowledge and solve problems.

  11. The program itself provides a chance to interns to earn some extra money on content creation.

  12. Interns have chances to get a full-time or part-time job in the program organizing company if they are successful to prove themselves.

What people Dislike

Pros & cons are everywhere and the digital Deepak internship program is not the exception to this.

  1. Program follows a benchmark behavior that makes sure for all interns to follow professional behavior.

  2. Money reimbursement is possible only after the assignments are completed & approved.

  3. This program is not for lethargic & comfort zone workers as it compels to work on a regular basis in a time frame.

  4. Program organizers create the temptation to interns with the gift to share their ideas, experience, & work in social media.

Final Verdict

The market is full of digital training and education but this internship program mentored by digital Deepak provides an opportunity to learn & earn together. The way Deepak has organized the knowledge is very easier to comprehend and the best ROI of your investment.

I highly recommend this internship program to all those who want to fight for liberty, instead of slavery.

Happy Internship!

If you want to know more and join this program, click here

Monday, 18 June 2018

Scientific Guessing Techniques to be Successful by Reading Less

Dear Candidates, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) check your Knowledge and test rationality as well. Very few people know this fact. This is why many candidates make the very simple question wrong. We try to explain this fact with a simple example.

Read the following question-

India's capital is-

(A) Delhi   (B) New Delhi   (C) Kolkata   (D) Chennai

Can there be a simple question from this question, and do you think that if one lakh candidates are sitting in the exam, then all that 100% of the candidates will solve this question.

No, not at all.

Take the example of a little more difficult question.

'Protection of the environment will be practiced, not of the citizen but of the state', the above statement is related to which of the following article -

    (A) 39-A     (B) 43-A     (C) 48-A     (D) 51-A

Now you will be able to better understand that the questions of multi-option type test your knowledge as well as rationality. Let me tell here that the correct answer of the above question is (C) 48-A.

In fact, many times your knowledge is not, but your 'humane error' only puts you out of the examination. This article is basically about the technique of solving those questions on which candidates are gassed.

Keep in mind that the rules outlined in it are not absolute rules, but they have been seen to be fairly realistic on the rules of logic and probability. This article lesson saves you from the humane errors and also tells the method of solving paper with logical and scientific method.

Observe this article carefully and learn how to use the best of what is said. I believe with full confidence that even if you are an average candidate, you will still be successful in this examination.

Let's start ...

Choosing the answer to the shortest or longest option is better.

See the following examples-

E-Biz ' is concerned with whom?
(A) Electronic Commerce
(B) Single window financial transactions
(C) Single window for business inquiries
(D) Single window for approach to government services
Ans. D

It is quite clear from this question that came in UPPCS 2016.

Select the option to break a special order (English or Hindi order)

See the following examples-

Divergent Thinking does not have any of the following characteristics:
(A) Spontaneous                        (B) Free-flowing
(C) Non-linear                          (D) Accuracy

The answer to the question is D and you can see that the other three options have a 'logical similarity' whereas D is breaking the sequence of similarity.

If two options are exactly the opposite, then look for answers in those two options.

See the following examples-

Which of the following is in relation to the President of India, statement is correct
 (A) The position of President in India is like a rubber stamp
(B) The position of President in India is not like a rubber stamp
(C) President of India can become dictator
(D) None of the above

The opposite option questions are generally closed-ended questions. Closed-ended questions are those that can be easily answered by "yes" or "no".

Choose your answer in mid-options in the case of sorted options

See the following examples-

The time of zero hour in Parliament is:
 (A) From 10 A.M. to 11 P.M (B) from 11 A.M. to 12 P.M.
(C) From 12 to 1.00 P.M. (D) from 1.00 to 2.00 P.M.

The answer to the question is C. If there is doubt in choosing B and C, then the answer will definitely be D.

If the answer to the options is numerical, then remove the maximum values.

See the following examples-

In the 2011 census, how much was the percentage of urban population in India's total population?
(A) 25%     (B) 30%     (C) 35%     (D) 40%

The answer to the question is B. And the frequency of the rule can be seen clearly from the above question in NET 2016 in the question paper 'Population Studies'.

Do not do much analysis in the situation, if do not know the correct answer.

See the following examples- (NET-Dec. 2015)

Which of the following pollutants can cause cancer in humans?
(1) Pesticides     (2) Mercury      (3) Lead      (4) Ozone

Our common sense is saying that from childhood we have heard that insecticides are harmful to health, whether it be cancerous or not. At what age did you hear for the first time that mercury, lead and ozone are harmful? The answer to the question is (A).

When you have questions, find the answer by making a brainstorming relationship with one of the first responses to brain and one of the four options.

See the following examples-

Which of the following is an instant messaging app?
(1) Whatsapp (2) Google Talk (3) Viber
Select the correct answer from the code below:
(A) (1) and (2) (B) (2) and (3)
(C) Only (1) (D) (1), (2) and (3)

At the first sight, after reading the question that comes in NET Dec 2015, it seems that it is all three. Do not do much analysis on such questions.

Do not seek answers directly after reading the questions, but try to memorize the related information.

See the following examples (NET June 2014)

Which of the following is considered a sign of motivated learning?
(A) Asking the question of students    (B) Maximum attendance of students
(C) Pin drop silence in classroom    (D) Making notes of students

Motivated learning is a keyword, as soon as we read that, some thoughts come in our brain easily. In motivated teaching, students remain comfortable towards the teacher. They are not scared. They are excited to ask questions. Based on these things, there should be the answer (A) that is in the brain.

By reading the question or the keyword of the question, the option that matches the visual picture created in your brain is the best answer.

See the following examples (NET June 2014)

 The research stream of immediate application is
(A) Conceptual research                                (B) Action research
(C) Fundamental research                             (D) Empirical research

The mental picture of instant use connects us directly to the action so that is the correct answer.

Connect the demand of the question to the list of anytime, heard, read or seen information. The logical connection to which option will be the right choice.

See the following example - (NET Dec 2013)

The power of the Supreme Court of India falls under it to decide the disputes between two or more states.
(A) Advisory jurisdiction                    (B) Appeal jurisdiction
(C) Original jurisdiction                     (D) Article jurisdiction

Though the courts perform many functions, but their basic work is to settle disputes, so it should be their original jurisdiction. The logical answer is obviously   (C).

Elect to change the answer on a logical basis rather than on an emotional basis.

See the following example - (NET Dec 2013)

Post-industrial society has been nominated-
(A) Information Society                     (B) Technology Society
(C) Arbitrator society                         (D) Non-agricultural society

You may be in doubt about the options (A) and (B) of this question, but if you look carefully, today's technical sphere is being given more attention to the information technology. So, after choosing option A, do not go to option B without solid reasoning. Avoid Second Guess.

Live the life you truly deserve!

Monday, 26 February 2018

CBSE Announces NET 2018 with Big Changes: How to Apply Online

net notification 2018.image

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released a detailed notification about National Eligibility Test (NET) 2018 under the guidelines of University Grant Commission (UGC). CBSE is going to conduct the examination on 8 July 2018 (Sunday) for determining the eligibility of Indian candidates for the eligibility for Lectureship (Assistant Professor) and for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF). CBSE will conduct NET in 84 subjects at 91 selected cities of examination spread across the country. The last date for applying online is 05 April 2018 and fee can be paid up to 06 April 2018.

This year UGC has made two big changes in this examination. The first big change is as per the revised scheme, the test will consist of two papers rather than three papers. Second, the upper age limit for appearing in JRF has also been raised by two years, i.e. from the existing upper age limit of 28 year to 30 years (the relaxation as earlier will remain same).

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates who have obtained at least 55% marks (without rounding off) in master’s degree or equivalent examination from universities/institutions recognized by UGC in humanities and social science, computer science & applications, electronic science etc. are eligible for this test. 

The Other Backward Classes (OBCs) belonging to non-creamy layer, Scheduled Caste (SC)/Scheduled Tribes (ST)/ Person with Disability (PwD) category candidates who have obtained at least 50% marks (Without rounding off) in master’s degree or equivalent examination are eligible for this test. 

Candidates who have appeared or will be appearing at the qualifying master’s degree (final year) examination and whose results are still awaited or candidates whose qualifying examination have been delayed may also apply for this test. Such candidates must complete their P.G. degree examination within two years from the date of NET results with required percentage of marks, failing which they shall be treated as disqualified. 

The Ph.D. degree holder whose master’s level examination had been completed by 19th September 1991 shall be eligible for a relaxation of 5% in aggregate marks for appearing in NET.

Candidates having post-graduate degree/diploma awarded by either Indian universities/institute or foreign universities/institute must be recognized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU), New Delhi.

Age Limit and Relaxation:

Junior Research Fellowship:

Candidates who are appearing in JRF should not be exceeded 30 years of age as on 01/07/2018

A relaxation up to 5 years is provided to the candidates belonging to OBC (non-creamy layer), SC/ST/PwD categories and to women applicants. 

Relaxation will also be provided to the candidates having research experience, limited to the period spent on research in the relevant subject of postgraduate degree, subject to a maximum of 5 years, on the production of a certificate from appropriate authority.
Three years relaxation in age will be permissible to the candidates possessing LLM degree. Total age relaxation on the above grounds shall not exceed five years under any circumstances. 

Lectureship (Assistant Professor)

There is no upper age limit for applying for eligibility for lectureship/assistant professor.

Examination Fee and Mode of Payment:

For General candidates- Rs. 1000/- plus bank charges

For OBC candidates- Rs. 500/- plus bank charges

For SC/ST/PwD/Transgender candidates- Rs. 250/- plus bank charges

The application fee can be paid online through Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card or via E-challan generated during the online filling of the application form. The e-challan can be paid in any branch of Syndicate/Canara/ICICI Bank. 

Revised Scheme and Dates of Test:

The test will consist of two papers. All the two papers will consist of only objective type questions and will be held on 08th July 2018 (SUNDAY) in two separate sessions as under:

Paper I:

First paper consists of 50 objective type compulsory questions each carrying 2 marks. The questions which will be of general nature, intended to assess the teaching and research aptitude of the candidates. It will primarily be designed to test reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking and general awareness of the candidates.

Paper II:

The second paper shall consist of 100 objective type compulsory questions each carrying 2 marks which will be based on the subject selected by the candidate.
All the questions of paper-II will be compulsory, covering entire syllabus of earlier paper II and paper III.

Provisions for Persons Having 40% or More Disability:

Twenty minutes compensatory time shall be provided for paper-I and forty minutes for paper-II separately. 

Admit Card:

Candidates must be observed that the admit card will be uploaded in the official website in the third week of June, 2018. No admit card will be sent to the candidates by post. The candidates should download their admit card from the website to ascertain their venue of the test as mentioned in the admit card and appear in the examination only at the designated examination center. 

No candidates will be allowed to appear at the examination center other than that allotted to him/her in the admit card. 

How to Apply:

      1.     NET/UGC 2018 application should be submitted only online mode. Read the form filling detailed notification very carefully before applying.

      2.     Go to official website and get registered, choose your password and note down system generated application number.

      3.     Fill online application form; upload scanned images of photograph and signature.

      4.     Pay examination fee by net Banking, Credit/Debit Card or via E-challan generated during the online filling of the application form. The e-challan can be paid in any branch of Syndicate/Canara/ICICI Bank. 

      5.     Download confirmation page for future reference and keep it safe.

      6.     The candidates are required to bring a photo identity card along with their printout of online admit card on the day of examination.

Live the life you truly deserve!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

HAL Recruitment for the Post of 131 Operators: How to Apply

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), a Navratna Central Public Sector Undertaking is a premier Aeronautical Industry of South East Asia. HAL Accessories Division, Lucknow invites applications from interested and eligible candidates for 131 operator’s engagement on tenure basis (four years from the date of engagement.) in non-executive cadre at HAL, Accessories Division, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The last date to submit application form is 14 February 2018. Interested candidates may register and fill the application through online mode only from 25-01-018 to 14-02- 2018.

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