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What Makes You an Alpha Candidate before Interviewers? (Part-2)

Job-Friendly Cover Letter Tips

In my first article in this series (part-1) I disclosed the importance of cover letter and some valuable tips on how to write it effectively. Now in the second part of this series I’m going to testify what virtual thinking, points of attention and professional standards are required before writing a cover letter that makes you an alpha candidate before the interviewers.

Need not to say cover letter is your door opening tool that should be ready, handy and versatile with the line of reasoning. Here are some facts that can hardly be ignored.

1.  Become a sales person

Think of yourself as a sales person when you are writing your cover letter. Think about it as your sales letter, in which you need to convince someone to buy a product. The product here is you, and if you focus on the benefits that they can enjoy in hiring you, then you can increase your chances of being selected.

2.  Imagine that you are the employer

After writing your cover letter, set it aside for a couple of days, and research more about your potential employer. When you read it again, try to pretend that you are the employer, and see if the letter would be able to impress you. If it can, then it is a sign that you can submit it for the job application soon.

3.  You cover letter should be addressed to a specific person.

Starting your cover letter with Dear Sir or Dear Manager is not something that can impress the employer. With that, you have to do your best to find out about the name of the person that you should address it to. By doing that, you are making it more personal, which can score some great points with your employer.

4.  Do not forget to use a good introduction

The first sentence of your cover letter should be something that can grab the reader’s attention. Keep in mind that your employer can be reading hundreds of resumes and cover letters each day. Thus, if you can’t grab his attention through your letter’s first sentence, then he may not be able to give your letter and your resume a closer look.

5.  Let your employer know what you can do for him

Do not forget the fact that an employer is looking for someone to hire, in order for that employee to provide something to the company. In other words, you should let him know how the company can benefit in hiring you, so that you can have the chance of being hired. Do your research, and indicate what skills and talents you have that the company can benefit from, so that you would improve your chances.

6.  Be aware of the common mistakes of generic cover letters.

When you have a generic form of a cover letter, in most cases, you only need to edit certain details to it, such as the date, the name that you are addressing it to, and such. However, this is actually one of the things that can make you commit a mistake in submitting it. If you forget to change these details, then you cannot expect your potential employer to call you for an interview. Thus, you should refrain from using these types of cover letters, so that you can prevent such mistakes to happen.

7.  Express your long term interest in the job you are applying for

In preparing your cover letter, you need to let your potential employer get the idea that you are interested in working for him for a long term engagement. Keep in mind that most employers do not want to go through a hiring process all the time. Thus, if you can subtly express your long term interest, then you would be able to improve your chances for it.

8.  Imagine what your employer is thinking

In order to have a very effective cover letter, you should imagine what the reader is thinking when you are writing it. In most cases, your employer would be thinking about why he should be hiring you. Thus, make sure that your letter provides him the reasons to hire you, so that he would do so.

9.  Your unique selling proposition

Some people have no clue about the most important thing that they have to include in the cover letter. It is actually your unique selling proposition. This is where you need to let your potential employer know why you are a better choice for them to make, than the other applicants for the job.

10.    Leave the ball in your potential employer’s court

In writing and submitting your cover letter, think of it as your action, in which your reader would have to react to. With that, you should come up with a letter that has a call to action. In other words, before ending it, state that you are requesting for an interview. Aside from that, you can also be proactive and state that you are going to make a follow up by giving them a call.

What do you think your talent or your personality should be focused on cover letter?

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