Thursday, 25 May 2017

Why Data Entry Jobs Are Lucrative Among Students

Data entry jobs are the fastest growing professions in the field of internet. Every company small or big needs documents typed such as letters, reports, proposals, and manuals and so on. The companies find it difficult to manage the large volume of complex data. Again handling data entries consume more time and effort and the companies find it troublesome to focus on other issues.
Hence, data entry jobs are being outsourced to data entry processing companies that can save time, efforts and thousands of dollars by outsourcing data entry work.

Working at home: A flourish Indian dream

The days have passed away when data entry jobs are considered like dirty jobs. In fact working at home has become a new Indian dream now a day. Today, data entry workers are increasing in number every day. It is estimated that at least 40 million individuals work at home. Experts believe that prospect for data entry homework will be unclouded in the years to come.

The increases in a number of data entry workers are credited largely to the Internet. The World Wide Web has created vast opportunities for many individuals’ like-students, house-wife, retirees, and handicapped including professionals, to stay at home and work at the same time.

Why work at home jobs are popular

One of the main reasons attributed to the increase in a number of data entry home workers is the actual decline of full-time office-based data entry people. This has lead hundreds, if not thousands of employers, to subcontract out work to workers who prefer to work at home.

Another reason why work at home jobs are popular is that most of these are not very technical and do not require extensive training. Some companies don’t even require their work at home workers to be college degree holders.

Another factor that has to lead to the increase in a number of data entry home workers is that employers actually get more advantage to it than hiring full-time data entry worker. This is especially true for companies with a small workforce. This is because outsourcing jobs actually save these companies thousands of dollars.

Data entry job: Education & skills

Here is a list of required education and skill needed for data entry workers-
High school Certification (Optional) 
Certification as a typist (Optional)
Numeric key entry skills (Essential)
Competency in basic office applications (word processors, spreadsheets, and databases) (Essential)
Good presentation software skill (PowerPoint)
Efficiently enter and consolidate various types of data (Essential)
Knowledge of written & reading English language (Essential)
Good communication skills (Both written and verbal)

It is actually very easy to become a data entry worker. All you need is basic computer, typing, email and Internet skills. It would also be an advantage if you have basic writing and editing skills because some work at home jobs entails proofreading and editing existing document for errors and accuracy. Data entry home workers handle many types of work ranges from court processing, medical records, company profiles, among others. When it comes to equipment and software, all you need is a personal computer, a modem, a phone line or a Cable Internet or DSL subscription. But of course, the most important thing is the ability to manage your time well.

Tasks sent out by companies for outsourcing to data entry home worker usually include typing documents and entering data into a home personal computer. When the job is finished, the data entry home worker will send the documents to the company through the email.

Data entry opportunity review is a prerequisite

You know better, there’s a lot of scams online as data entry job sphere is incredibly enticing. Hence review is essential before sign up any data entry site. Data entry reviews enable you to be careful about such companies and avoid scams. This you avoid wasting time and money. Yet there are some real data entry jobs opportunities that help you work conveniently at home and earn some extra money.

There are plenty of legitimate companies that provide numerous data entry job options. You can scrutinize by observing the data entry reviews about such companies. You need to take little effort to find out a real data entry job opportunity. Once you have found out a genuine company, you can then send your resume to that company.

Beware of companies that ask initial charges for training. No good companies ask fees for a data entry job. However, sometimes even a good company may ask initial charges to view the home based job opportunities.

List of data entry legitimate sites

Data entry jobs or a freelance job is a most searched phrase on the internet. Here is a short list of some legitimate sites where one can find real work according to his/her need and skills.

There are thousands of job opportunities for data entry operator. Since the field is ever growing, you can get permanent income from the job. There is no need of dealing with customers or selling products or any similar troublesome works in these types of jobs. You need to simply accomplish the job allotted to you as per the requirement of your company and can get some compensation for your service. Like any other jobs, data entry job also requires certain skills and effort. However, it can make ordinary people earn extraordinarily.

Live the life you truly deserve!


  1. I have never seen such an informative article on data entry jobs. Actually I'm also interested data entry job. You have given a long list of sites that provide such job. I want to ask you that do these sites really provide real job.

    1. Hi there,
      Yes these sites are rather better sites for your desired job. I recommend to utilize your skill and potential.

  2. Sir you have recommended Fiverr for data entry jobs. I'm already a Fiverr member but as I noticed this site is not for data entry jobs seekers.As for as this article is concerned that is very informative and I highly appreciate for that.

  3. Fiverr is a world best platform where you can sell any of your skill. If you think you are skilled enough
    in data entry, so go to Fiverr and start your data entry gig for sale. You can create several gigs according to your skills and earn good money. Contact me if you want to know more on how to earn from Fiverr.

  4. I found this article very informative and useful. This helped me lot to search data entry jobs for me. I want to become a teacher n I'm preparing for teaching job. But I realized that teachers of our schools are not interested to his student effectively. Whats your opinion and what advice you would like to give to our nation-wide teachers community.
    I will wait your answer sir.

  5. Dear Ankit,
    Every industry has good and bad guys. It knows great you want to become a teacher. So think What you can give to the nation and our society by your passion and profession. If you know something is wrong anywhere then you are more responsible for doing some better there. If you are the first person to see a stone resting on the road then you primarily responsible for putting that stone aside the road. Our civic sense is the thing that makes us a sincere citizen. So don’t criticize, be creative.
    Next article, I am going to post here based on teaching job that would give you the greater insight on the role and responsibilities of an efficient teacher. Keep in touch with us and enjoy reading.

    1. Wow, Your answer is so nice, little bit idealistic but Pioneering thoughts. I agree with you fully. Everyone mind theirs business. Thanks for your answer. It would have been better if you were my mentor. Is there any future plan when you will provide online career coaching or life coaching.

    2. Hi Ankit,
      Thank you for the kind words! I'm so glad you found this helpful. CSB team is working very hard now and numerous products and services are about to come. Till then please wait.

  6. Hey satish I’m a web designer. I like your way of writing. I found your site through Google search and found Fiverr is a fantastic site for freelance workers. I didn’t know earlier about Fiverr but now I’m creating my web design gigs for sale. Thank you very much for nice work.

    1. Hi Arif
      I'm glad you liked my writing. Fiverr is definitely very useful platform for freelance work. Wish you immense success.


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