Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Role of Teachers in Building up Modern India

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When you determine that you want to be a teacher of children or teenagers, that is much more than a career decision.  It is a commitment to the future generation and an expression of nobility in you that would not be seen in any other way.  Unlike many other lines of work, people go into teaching for other reasons than just an interest in the career field or a way to make a paycheck.

Teaching is not just a job but a greater responsibility in terms of children development. A teacher has to follow incredibly high-level educational standards, no matter at what level you are willing to work. Whether you are working at primary level, junior level, intermediate level, college or university level, you have to follow the same benchmarked behavior at all levels.

Role of an Efficient Teacher

Today we are living in the age of information that’s why 21st-century education requires not just a teacher but an efficient teacher that could pay a multidimensional role at his/her works. Everyone should remember the following roles when to choose teaching as a career.

1.  Teacher is someone who loves to teach
2. Teacher is a career counselor
3. Teacher is a prime motivator
4. Teacher is an evaluator and problem solver
5. Teacher is a surrogate parent
6. Teacher is a functional facilitator
7. Teacher is a key activity organizer
8. Teacher is a master trainer of leadership
9. Teacher is a demonstrator of examples and experiments
10. A teacher is a communicator & coordinator between students and parent.
11. Teacher is a visionary and missionary person
12. Teacher is a monitor and Ice-breaker of ADD & ADHD

If you still not sure what the greater role a teacher should perform then read the following Abraham Lincoln’s letter that he had written to his son’s headmaster.

<img src=”Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s head masterImage.png” alt=” Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s headmaster Image”>

Prime Soft Skills for Teachers

Lesser or greater every profession requires soft skills but when comes to teaching job, soft skills really matters most. Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. In fact, these characteristics make a person warmer, approachable and friendly that lead you impressive success and satisfaction. A teacher must have following soft skills-

Kind Hearted Personality

Be Patient by Mind

Creative Thinking Skill

Curious Drive Approach

Highly Organized Routine

Attentive Listening Skill

Continuous Learning Skill

Persuasive Instructing Ability

Passionately Troubleshooting Aspiration

Tech-Savvy Endeavor

Effective Communication Skill

Unshakeable Tower of Confidence

Super-Positive Mental Attitude

Multi-Tasking Ability

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Teaching young people is a tremendous amount of fun if you take an honest interest in teaching. To qualify any one of the following exams- B.Ed./TAT, TGT, PGT, UGC/NET or likewise others exam could be more rewarding if you follow your inner passion instead of a monthly payment.

Live the life you truly deserve!


  1. Definitely awesome post this is. I didn’t know earlier that a teacher’s role is so wide-ranging. Your post has really showed a real picture of the role of an efficient teacher. I highly appreciate for this post. Thanx!

  2. I'm glad you like this article. Thanks for comment.

  3. This is amazingly a powerful article on teaching. Aspiring students like me who want to create a teaching career must read this article. My earlier view on teaching job was not good but now I knew that what is the real role of a teacher in nation building and social building.I give 10/10 for this awesome post. Thnx satish!

    1. Hi Akanksha! Thank you for the kind words! I'm so glad you found this helpful and Worthwhile. Undoubtedly, teacher play a very vital role in student life. In fact teacher changes lives.


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