Monday, 1 January 2018

10 Incomparable New Year Resolutions for Students that Ever Read

Last week I was discussing with my three friends who had succeeded in the IAS that they share their success experiences with us. After discussions of three rounds, I have prepared this article based on the facts and strategies that came in front of us. I promise students like you who are preparing for IAS exam will definitely benefit from it.

# Success is my cash flow, not the asset

Students who compete for the IAS career venture need a major change in their thinking that they should look their success like cash flow not like assets. Success leaves clues. Follow those clues to learn the secrets successful people have used to stay motivated. Ask questions. Seek out advice. In most cases, Always keep in mind that success is a learnable skill. So you must be an ultimate information junkie.

# Discussion is my loving wife

The discussion is the perfect tool for perfection. Discussion enhances our ability to think fast and gives you chance to know your weak areas. It is always better to discuss with the peers than mind heating thinking on problematic issues. The best part of the discussion is in mitigating individual overconfidence and keeping the attitude at the right altitude. So love discussion like your wife to stay ahead at daytime and cool at night. 

# Discipline is my strict father

There no need to be diabetic to be disciplined. It's true that IAS requires motivation to succeed but motivation is what gets you started and discipline is what keeps you going. Discipline always defeats motivation. So, create a well thought out study plan, set goals and don't trigger the pause until succeed. In fact, discipline is the ability to do what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it. Train yourself to separate your feelings and emotions from the job and just do what needs to be done. Soon it will become second nature and you will always have the self-discipline to keep moving forward toward your goals.

# Common sense is my best friend 

Intelligence is not the perfect tool to succeed in IAS. There are so many intelligent competitors who succeeded in pre and mains but they don’t perform well in the interview due to lack of common sense. Intelligence gives you logic to decide while common sense gives you a reason to decide. Logic comes from what you learned up to now while reason comes from your whole life experiences. That’s the reason I often say common sense is greater than intelligence. Now if you agree with me then make your common sense your best friend.

# Study is my everyday exercise

Big successes are the results of big practices and this rule also applies in IAS preparation. IAS needs a habit of recurring and focused study. The recurring study is not merely necessary for collecting new facts but essential to enlarge your point of view. Whenever you study for IAS, think it’s a recurring liability to create the cash flow of success. Due diligence should be considered as your unavoidable tax liability which has to pay to make success a reality and authentic.

# Failure is my best teacher

Most people are afraid to try something new because they are afraid to fail. Remember, the most successful people on this planet failed way more than the “average” person. In fact, if you ask any super successful person, they’ll tell you how they failed a lot. Every failed attempt makes you wiser and even luckier than those who don’t try. Remember, IAS is not the one-shot win game.

# Knowledge is my shareable asset

When you share what you know with others, you will create a new confidence in yourself, especially when you see other people achieve their goals with your help. When we help other people, it also can create clarity in your own mind about where your true talents lie and what you are capable of achieving. Successful people are always happy to share what they know with you and are generous with their wisdom.

Hard work is my primitive addiction

Our only primitive legacy which is still relevant to the IAS competitors and that is hard work. There is no replacement for hard work. The only surrogate tool is smart work that you can try. Successful professionals of all trade often say that do smart work not hard.  Here you should clearly understand the distinction between hard and smart work.  Hard work is an intensive labor that produces the same results in the long run while the smart work is an experimental and systemic diligence that produces desired results in less time. Obviously, your workaholic approach will not go in vain if you smart enough in doing things at the right time.

# Problem is just a challenge

None is the problem less and trust every problem has the solution. The only thing you need to do is to look at Problems from Different Perspectives. When facing challenges, call upon the knowledge and experience you already have accumulated in your life. Ask yourself, “What do I know about this problem that already works?” “What do I know won’t work?” and “What don’t I already know and still need to learn to resolve this issue?” This helps you approach problems from different angles and use your life history to work through them.

# Luck is a gift of my bravery 

Luck is nothing just a gift for your bravery of decision and action on IAS preparation. The more you do, the more you luckier. Sometimes inferior competitor gets success in IAS then serious competitor thinks he is lucky and luck really works in IAS. This is the only time when a serious competitor becomes a fatalist. Here, luck didn't make him an IAS but the 'Rule of Probability' or ‘Statistical Concept of Regression’ worked better.  It does not matter which rule applies to achieving results. The important thing is how to make the result of coincidence in favor of you. Here my own experience is that the ‘Theory of Attraction’ is the best tool to become the luckiest competitor of all coincidences.
Are you going to grab these facts like your New Year resolution?

Live the life you truly deserve!

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