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Urban Myth and Universal Truth about Civil Services Exam

Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is the most renowned, reputed and legendary Government services in India.  IAS officers are recruited from the Civil Services Examination (CSE) which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), India’s central recruiting agency.

Every year more than 4 Lakhs candidates appear in the prelims, the first phase of the examination. Approximately ten thousand candidates are able to participate in the mains, the second phase of the exam. After clearing mains exam, only one thousand deserve to express their personality before the interviewers, the third and last phase of the examination.

Every 'Personality Conscious Student' has the dream of participating at least once in the IAS examination. They come with plentiful skills, knowledge and need not to say with a bundle of urban myths too. Myth busting is essential for every aspirant who competes for IAS so that a common competitor could dare to prepare this exam. I have written this article with the intention of exposing the real picture of this exam and its technicality. 

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Urban Myth 1: Member of economically sound families can only succeed in this exam.

Universal Truth: Wrong, There are numerous examples out there; people in all walks of life have succeeded in this exam despite their poor financial situation. 

Expert Tips: Money is merely a factor, not a determinant. 

Urban Myth 2: Many educational degrees favor an aspirant to succeed.

Universal Truth: Wrong, graduation in any discipline is the only eligibility that is required in this exam to participate and to succeed as well. There are abundant examples out there while many aspirants have taken part in this exam and accomplished top 10 positions too. 

Expert Tips: IAS doesn’t need a bundle of degrees but a ‘disciplined knowledge of the pre-designed format’.  

Urban Myth 3: IAS is an IQ game.

Universal Truth: Scientifically and psychologically there is no direct correlation between High IQ and success. Good IQ makes a man quicker while IAS success needs steadiness and control. All phases of IAS exam like pre-mains and interview give you enough time to respond. 

Even at the interview how controlled response you present that matter most rather than how you quicker. In fact, your words represent your emotional state; beware of what you speak especially at the time of interview. 

Click here if you would like to watch this whole article in video format in Hindi

Expert Tips: Emotional Quotient (EQ) equips you with an undeniable ‘attractor factor’ in all phase of this examination.

Urban Myth 4: Institutional coaching is necessary to succeed as IAS.

Universal Truth: Wrong, if it were true then all the students studying in coaching institutes should be succeeded. Teacher role is only indicative who can only push you to go forward. It is the energy and passion inside you which constantly move you forward and help to get succeed.

Expert Tips: Be a smart observer of happening around you. Form a mastermind group and start peer tutoring. 

Urban Myth 5: IAS exam is the toughest one in India. 

Universal Truth: Wrong, IAS exam is not the toughest one but the technical. That’s why hard working aspirants are not often succeeded while smart competitors achieve success in their second or third attempt. 

Expert Tips: Choose the only job that matches your strengths and personality.

Urban Myth 6: IAS exam requires mountain-high bookish study and intensive labor.

Universal Truth: Wrong, That doesn't matter how hard and how many hours you study but the way you think (Vertically, Horizontally and strategically) is the only way to succeed in this exam.

Expert Tips: Pay attention to ‘how’ rather than ‘what’ especially in IAS exam preparation.

Urban Myth 7: IAS success depends on luck.

Universal Truth: Wrong, luck favors the brave and brave is one who is smart enough by his/her work with a vision. 

Expert Tips: Unlucky is not born from the womb. It is your negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs that shrinks your infinite innate abilities and makes you unlucky one.

Urban Myth 8: Aspirant who is fluent in English has more chances to succeed.

Universal Truth: Wrong, UPSC print test paper both in English and Hindi to read and give aspirants right to write both in English and Hindi. You have an equal choice to choose the language in which you are proficient enough. 

Expert Tips: It is better to be bilingual than monolingual.

Guru Chandra Final Thoughts: 

“Dear enthusiast aspirants, whether you know or not, whether you trust or not but it is a stone line that your personality and confidence are the real potent weapons and all other things are just your due-diligence.”

Live the life you deserve!

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