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Career Success Blog (CSB) innovate ideas, generates strategies and gives competitors a realization to be a success story. Every competitor deserves to be a privileged personality and we are passionately devoted to achieving what they dream by transforming their ‘life of consuming and taking’ into ‘life of giving and making a positive effect on others’ and making their future world better.

CSB is a site aimed at those people who are interested to build a career, to be informed about different jobs, to prepare various exams and to groom personality through soft skills and motivation. CSB team is involved in designing the latest information, tips, and strategies to provide innovative competitive solutions to maximize success opportunities being one stop window. It’s a spectacular source for the aspirants, info seekers, job hunters and ambition-driven examinees.

We offer a wide range of study material, eduproducts and services that help aspirants to enhance their knowledge base and competitive skills. 
We facilitate all kind of aspirant’s need including counseling, motivation and personality development to yield their success much easier.


We intend to provide well researched, strategically designed and user-friendly method of sharing career contents by several authors and agencies as well as industry experts and friends for career building and exams preparation.


Our mission is to provide-
- Such proactive counseling that common competitor could dare to prepare the exams.
-Such proven tips and materials that passionate youth could prepare to go the extra mile.
-Such prudent planning and strategies that even IAS aspirants realize what their 100% is.


Poverty of knowledge is more dangerous than poverty of money.

Satish Chandra Is the Competitor’s Coach.
My Mission: To help diligent competitors, specifically I A S-eeker, to build viable future career that help them reach their social and lifestyle goals while making both the administration and the nation a better place.

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